Title Loans in Rochester, NH

One type of loan that is fairly easy to get even for those with poor credit is the title loan.

How Title Loans Rochester Works

Of course, to be approved you should know some basics about how it all works. Title loans are simple and easy to understand, but you have to know where to get started.

The first thing to do is to complete our online application. We ask all applicants to fill out this application because we need some important information from them. For the most part, this information we need regards the applicant's vehicle. We'll ask for details about the vehicle of the applicant, like its make, model, and milage.

After you fill out the applicant, you submit it via the Web. Then, we'll get around to reviewing it right away and sending you back a response. When we offer a loan, we provide the applicant with all the important details so he or she can make a decision on whether or not to take out the loan in question.
Then, the applicant can send in his or her vehicle title or submit it to us so that we can disburse the loan money to his or her bank account. At this point, repayment begins.

New Hampshire law and its impacts on title loans Rochester

Title loans are generally regulated by law on the state level. In New Hampshire, there are a few laws that regulate and dictate some of the terms of title loans Rochester.

First of all, a New Hampshire title loan is limited in terms of amount at $10,000. A title loan in the state will not be offered for any more than this. There is also a law limiting how much interest can be charged on a title loan. There is a limit of 25 percent on the interest rate that can be charged for this type of loan.
The loan term in New Hampshire is also limited on title loans. The loan term can not exceed one month. However, it is possible for borrowers to renew a loan and thereby extend it provided that they have paid off at least 10 percent of the loan. This renewals is only permitted 10 times.

Title loans Rochester: Why choose this financial product?

Consumers choose title loans in Dover because they offer unique benefits that aren't provided by other types of loans. These include the following:

  • Being able to take out a loan with poor credit- Credit requirements are lenient with title loans so that even those with a low credit score can be approved.
  • Being able to take out a loan when unemployed- Traditional lenders usually require approved borrowers to be employed, but employment is not necessary with title loans.
  • Being able to apply online- Our online application is convenient and quick.
  • Being able to get more use out of one's vehicle- Those who borrow title loans continue to use their vehicles throughout the life of the loan.

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