Title Loans Milford, NH

You can have cash to go places, buy things and do whatever you want.

What are Title Loans Milford?

Putting up a valuable piece of personal property to get a personal loan is the simplest way to explain title loans in Milford. You, as the applicant, put up your car, truck or motorcycle as collateral. This lets the lender know you are serious about repaying the loan because you are taking all the risk upon yourself. If you don’t pay back the loan, it’s possible to lose your property. Lenders know that no one wants to lose their vehicle, so they are confident in each applicant’s willingness to pay back the cash. By relying on collateral, lenders don’t need to do a credit check. All credit types are welcome and have a great chance at being approved. You get cash, and we hold on to the vehicle title while you pay back the loan.


  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Have a job or an income from a another source, such as alimony or retirement benefits
  •  Own the vehicle you are using as collateral
  • Have a lien-free title

Applications for Title Loans in Milford

If you hate filling out lengthy forms and gathering paperwork about your employment or assets, you’re not alone. Title lenders hate it too, which is why you won’t have to do any of that to get title loans in Milford. We leave the complications to traditional lenders. For us, just complete the simple online application by letting us know what type of car you have, its mileage, your name and your contact information. One of our representatives can answer your questions, help you work out a payment plan and finalize all the details of your loan. Within one day, most of our clients have received the money they apply to borrow.

New Hampshire Legal Info

Lenders must have an actual office in the state that customers have access to, and lenders must hold a state license. Lenders must have borrowers sign a document affirming that they do not currently have a title loan, and they have not had a title loan within the last 60 days. Borrowers can get out of a title loan if they pay back the loan in cash within one day of taking out the loan.

Interest rates are capped at 25 percent. Borrowers can renew their loan 10 times.


Why spend extra time at a traditional lender waiting for them to go over your documents and credit report when you can go through the entire title loan process in about a day? There is one simple application, which only take a few minutes to complete, and there is no credit check. Title loans in LOCATION are available to everyone, regardless of a high or low credit score.

When your loan term turns out to be too short, you get to renew your loan for more time to make payments. In fact, you can renew title loans in Nashua and Milford 10 times.

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