Title Loans in Manchester, NH

Why Title Loans Manchester?

Two things usually go through people’s minds when they are considering a loan. Generally, they wonder how much cash they can get. They also want to know how quickly they can get their loan funds. Well, if you’re considering secured title loans in New Hampshire, the amount of money you can borrow depends on your situation. It is really based on the value of the automobile you’ll be using as collateral, your income and your ability to repay the loan. To answer the second question, many of our loans are paid out in as little as a few hours. At the most, our loan funds are always paid out within 24 hours of applying. Overall, it’s not a bad deal compared to what you might encounter with traditional financing. We also have quite a few features and benefits, which customers really like. After securing your loan with your car title, you are still free to drive your car during the entire loan period. Borrowers are free to use their funds for paying bills, emergencies, making repairs or anything they need or want. We can set you up with a short-term loan and a good interest rate in no time at all.

Can People With Bad Credit Apply for Title Loans Manchester?

We approve folks all the time with bad credit. Even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere, you won’t be penalized for no credit history, bankruptcies or a low credit score. We don’t even check your credit information, so this isn’t a qualifying concern when applying for loans.

What Kind of Repayment Plans Do You Offer for Title Loans Manchester?

We can present several repayment options, or we will be happy to custom design one to meet your particular budget needs. We’ll work together to design a plan that meets your payoff terms and has an affordable payment amount.

Am I Required to Sign a Contract?

All borrowers are required to sign a contract. Contracts help to ensure that everyone understands the terms of loan. Lenders are required to write contracts according to state regulations, which include the most important terms of the agreement such as:

  • Original loan cost
  • Interest rate
  • Total cost of the loan
  • Payment schedule
  • Minimum payment amounts
  • Applicable fees
  • Information pertaining to scheduled payments

How Can I Apply for a Title Loan?

Meeting Loan Requirements

We have just a few loan requirements that all loan applicants must pass to be considered for a loan.

  • In order to meet the requirements for collateral, you will need to have a vehicle in working order. You should own the auto, and it should be paid for in full. Your car title should list you as the owner, and the title shouldn’t show any liens against the auto.
  • To meet legal requirements, applicants need to be at least 18 years of age to sign a contract. We will need to see a New Hampshire driver’s license or a state identification card confirming your age


Applying Online

To offer applicants the most convenience possible, you are welcome to apply for title loans in Manchester using our simple online application. We only require a few pieces of information to get the loan process started.

  • Full name, telephone number and home zip code.
  • Make, model and body style of the car or truck you’ll be using for collateral. We also need a current mileage estimate and the age of the auto.

What Types of Benefits Come With Title Loans?

  • You’re free to spend loan funds for any purpose. You can use your cash to make a mortgage payment, pay off high interest debt, catch up on property taxes or buy groceries
  • You can submit your online application from the convenience of your home, work or a nearby coffee shop
  • No credit or background checks on title loans in Manchester
  • We offer easy qualifying. We accept several types of incomes like self-employment, commission sales, disability, Social Security, pension plan income, unemployment benefits and income from full or part-time work with a paycheck stub
  • It is free to apply and consult with one of our loan representatives about your financial needs
  • We can qualify, approve and payout in as little as a day or less

Overview of the Loan Process

1. Applying for Title Loans

We offer three methods to apply for title loans in Manchester. You are welcome to call our phone number or visit a convenient loan branch near you. However, the fastest application method is to apply online.

2. Concluding the Application Process

Immediately after applying, a loan representative will contact you via phone. Your rep will explain our entire loan process. He or she will also provide you with an upfront loan estimate. If you wish to proceed with the loan, you’ll discuss qualifying income, loan terms and an ideal payment plan.

3. Contract & Closing

Borrowers must visit one of our loan stores to read and sign a contract for title loans in Manchester. You’ll also be asked to turn over your car title as collateral for the loan. After closing the loan, you are free to collect your title loan cash.

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