Title Loans in Hooksett, NH

When you really need money and don’t want to wait long to get it, title loans in Hooksett are the way to go.

Title Loans Hooksett Explained

When you want to get a loan, you start by completing an application. If you apply for a traditional loan, you will then have to provide documentation about your employment and salary, and sometimes your tax returns. Banks will check your credit to see who you owe, how much you owe, if you make payments on time and if there are any other negative issues associated with you. If this sounds intense, it can be. But, with title loans in Hooksett, the application is just a few questions about you and your vehicle. Loans are usually processed in a day or less, and there is no credit check. If this sound easy, it is. Anyone who is at least 18 and has a source of income can qualify. Just make sure the vehicle you use as collateral belongs to you and has a lien-free title.

Applications for Title Loans Hooksett

Applications for title loans in Hooksett require you to type in your name and contact information, and you have to choose the type of car you have. Its make, model, year and style help us determine how much loan money to offer you. Details, such as the loan repayment schedule, are finalized when you take to one of our loan agents. Since your loan is based on collateral, there is no credit check, and our agent won’t pry into your personal business by asking why you need to get a loan. Just apply, give us the title, and get cash. Most borrowers get money within one day.

New Hampshire Legal Information

State law requires all title lenders to be licensed and maintain a customer-accessible office in the state. Interest rates can be up to 25 percent. Loan terms are for 30 days, but when both the lender and borrower agree, loans can be renewed up to 10 times. Borrowers have one business day to get out of a title loan after they take the loan money. Borrowers may not take out more than one title loan at a time, and they man not take out a title loan if they had another title loan in the past two months.

Benefits of Title Loans

  • You get the money you want very fast, usually in less than a day.
  • You don’t have to go through the lengthier loan process of a bank, which includes more paperwork and a credit check. By not having a credit check, title lenders have a higher approval rate, and we are able to help people who are routinely denied financing because of their payment history.
  • You don’t have to borrow money from friends or relatives. This saves you from having to answer their questions about your financial situation, and you won’t be stressed out if you can’t pay the money back on time. With title loans in Manchester and Hooksett, if you can’t make all payments by the end of the loan term, just let us renew the loan for you.
  • Because title loans are processed and distributed so fast, you get to stop stressing out of money problems much sooner than you would if you chose other funding options.
  • Your car is yours to keep while you make loan payments.

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