Title Loans in Durham, NH

Title loans in Durham can put money in your hands within 24 hours and help relieve your money worries.

What are Title Loans Durham?

A title loan is a very simple way to get a loan without the hassle and time associated with standard loans. Applicants willing to put up their car, motorcycle, SUV or truck as security, can get a loan against the vehicle. While the loan is ongoing, the lender keeps the title papers. When the loan is paid off, the lender gives the title papers back to the borrower. What’s great about title loans in Durham is that the entire process usually only takes a day or less, and there is no credit check. Anyone who is at least 18 years old qualifies. They just need a job or another source of income, such as unemployment benefits, alimony or disability payments. Vehicles used as collateral have to be the property of the person applying, and titles should be free-and-clear.

Applications for Title Loans Durham

Get ready to complete the fastest application you’ve ever filled out. Just pick your vehicle make, model, style and year. Add the mileage, and tell us your name and contact information. All you need is a few minutes to complete and submit this application, and we give you an estimate of the cash you’re eligible to receive. Loan details, such as when and how you will pay off the loan, can be worked out with one of our representatives. You won’t have to endure a credit check, and the same day you apply for title loans in Durham is probably the same day you’ll get the cash.

New Hampshire Legal Information

  • Interest can be up to 25 percent.
  • Loan terms are 30 days.
  • Loans are eligible for 10 renewals.
  • Lenders must maintain offices in the state that customers have access to.
  • Lenders must get customers to sign a written statement verifying that they do not currently have another active title loan. Borrowers may not have more than one title loan at a time and may not take a new title loan within two months of paying off an old title loan.
  •  Borrowers have the right to cancel a title loan if they pay back the money in cash within one day of accepting the loan. 


Obviously, you get money when you need it most. You just can’t beat that type of benefit. Title loans in Manchester and Durham are also convenient because you can apply online at any time and from any place. Applications are processed so fast that most people get the cash in a day or less. Plus, there is no credit check. If you have ever been denied a loan or some type of credit because your payment history is a bit spotty, you understand how great it is to be able to skip the dreaded credit check. Collateral is king in the land of title loans.

Sometimes it takes more than one loan term to get back on your feet, and we understand. If you need more time to pay us back, we can renew your loan. We also understand how important your vehicle is to daily life, which is why we want you to keep it. If we keep the car, it just sits in a parking space until you pay us back. If you keep the car, your life continues as normal.

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