Title Loans in Claremont, NH

Title loans in Claremont are quick and easy and available right now.

What Is Title Loans Claremont

Using your assets to obtain financing is how title loans in Claremont work. The asset for these loans is always a car, truck or other vehicle. While you are paying off the loan, the lender holds your vehicle’s title. When you pay the loan off, the lender returns your title. Applications are simple, and the loan process if fast. Most applicants get their money within a day.


Eligible applicants are at least 18 years old. They have a job or another income stream, such as alimony, unemployment benefits or retirement payments. Applicants must own the vehicle they use as collateral, and the title must be clear.

Applications for Title Loans Claremont

Applying for title loans in Claremont is a task that takes less than five minutes. Just indicate the type of vehicle you have and its mileage. Then, add your name and a way to contact you. When you submit the application, we give you an estimate of the loan amount you can get. Then, we work together to come up with a final loan package that meets your specific needs. This includes setting up payments you can afford. Finally, when all the particulars of your loan are worked out, you can collect your money.

New Hampshire Legal Information

  • Lenders must be licensed by the state’s Bank Commissioner.
  • Lenders must operate an office in the state that is accessible to customers.
  • Borrowers may not take more than one title loan at a time. When accepting a title loan, the borrower must sign a lender-provided document that states the borrower does not currently have a title loan and has not had a title loan in the past 60 days.
  • Borrowers can cancel a title loan within one day of accepting the cash.
  • Interest rates are up to 25 percent.
  • Loan may be renewed 10 times.

Title Loan Benefits

What’s better than being able to get money when you need it? It’s so easy that some people might think it works like this everywhere, but it does not. When you apply for a loan elsewhere, such as a bank, you have to turn in documentation about your financial situation, and you may have to wait several weeks to get a decision on whether or not you get the loan. With title loans, you know almost immediately whether you will get the loan and you know how much money you’re eligible to receive.

Title loans in New Hampshire are a better option than borrowing money from family members or friends. Title lenders won’t ask you why you need money or why you ran out of money, which is what those closest to you will probably feel like they have a right to know. Sometimes, they may be a little judgmental about your situation, but we won’t.

There is no credit check. If you’ve ever had a low credit score, you know how hard it is to get financing when you have negative items on your credit report. You won’t have to worry about this with title loans, which rely on your collateral.

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