Title Loans in Bedford, NH

What are Title Loans Bedford?

Title loans in Bedford are a type of non-traditional financing. An applicant agrees to put up their personally-owned vehicle to secure the loan. While paying off the loan, the borrower agrees to let the lender keep the title papers for their vehicle. Those papers are returned when the loan is paid in full. There is no credit check, which is why title lenders have such a high approval rate. Applicants must be at least 18 and have an income from a job, unemployment benefits, retirement or another source. Vehicles must be lien-free and registered in the name of the borrower.

Application for Title Loans Bedford

Applications for title loans in Bedford are different than those for typical personal loans, which are longer and more time-consuming. With online title loan applications, just provide the make, model, year and style of the vehicle to be used as loan security. Type in the mileage, and add your name and few contact details. Those few details are all we need to give you a loan quote. After you submit the application to us, one of our representatives calls you to work out a loan package. This part of the process includes answering your questions and getting more information about your income and vehicle. We also set up a payment plan before you coming in to drop off your title, and pick up your money.

New Hampshire Legal Info

Interest rate maximum is 25 percent, but lenders may charge a lien fee. Lenders must be licensed by the state. Borrowers can get out of a title loan if they back out within one business day of agreeing to the loan, and only if they pay the full loan amount back in cash. Loans can be renewed 10 times.


We make it easy to apply for and be approved for title loans in Bedford. Our online application is so convenient that you can apply anywhere you want and any time of the day or night. Because it only asks for basic information about you and the vehicle to be used as collateral, it only takes minutes to complete the application. Of course, the main benefit of title loans is being approved, which is easy to do when there is no credit check. Forget about those payments you missed way back when or those charge offs on your record because title lenders don’t even look at them. Title loans are based on your collateral.

Isn’t it great that the money you need right away is placed in your hands right away? Title loans in Manchester and Bedford are processed fast, usually in a day or less. By the time you get the money from a traditional loan, which could take weeks, your money problems can go from bad to worse. Go for a title loan and get your money the same day you apply. Another great benefit is you getting to keep your car. There is no need to be without transportation just because you put up your vehicle to secure a loan. Keep the car while you pay off the loan.

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